Yet another sustainable, free as in freedom and diverse Hong Kong Minecraft server.

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Game servers

Three servers, three different styles.

  • WTAKO Uprising
    • A faction survival server
    • Director: Saren_HK's avatar Saren_HK
    • Everyone is welcomed to join
    • White list registration: WTAKO Forum
  • WTAKO HKGolden
    • A survival / creative server
    • Director: Saren_HK's avatar Saren_HK
    • Only HKGolden account owners can join
    • White list registration: this page
  • Combat Life
    • An extreme survival / PvP oriented server
    • Director: wilfulwind's avatar wilfulwind
    • Everyone is welcomed to join
    • White list registration: WTAKO Forum

Game features

  • Original scroll TP system
  • Faction system
  • Extreme survival
    • Improved PvP experience
    • PvP escape penalty
    • Increased game difficulty
      • Tougher monsters
      • Bosses
  • Mini-games
    • Infected
    • Paintball
    • MobArena
    • And more...

Faction system

Create your own faction and become a boss.

You can trade with other factions, get along with others, or dominate others.

You can also join an existing faction.

Our customized faction system

Our customization plugin makes the faction system more reasonable.

It prevents sudden loss of all your lands.

  • External protection
    • Buy protections from system using in-game money
    • Protect important lands from enemies
  • Minimal land count
    • If your faction has too few lands, then nobody is able to conquer your lands
    • Does not cost
    • Passive protection for every single faction
  • War declaring
    • War declaration is required before conquering
    • Can only declare war in war period
    • Have to wait few minutes for both side to prepare
    • War will end upon the end of current war period
    • /fwtako startwar <enemy faction>
  • War period
    • Can only declare war in war period
    • War periods are set by administrators

Scroll teleportation system

In order to increase the game's sustainability, we do not allow any teleportation commands.

Instead, we are going to use our own scroll teleportation plugin as an alternative.

  • Only in WTAKO
    • Not open for public download
  • Scrolls are not made by OPs
    • Made by players
    • Using their own experience
    • Using their own papers
  • Teleport to anywhere you want
    • Spawn
    • Player's home
    • Faction home
    • Random location
    • Other players
      • Left click to select a player
      • Teleport to him later
    • The place where you made that scroll
  • Cross-world TP costs you more
    • Need more experience
  • Integrate with factions
    • You can't TP...
      • to an enemy faction
      • to a faction that they don't know yours
      • to enemy faction's member
      • from an enemy faction
    • Or you can TP...
      • when your faction's power is greater
  • Self rescue function
    • No experience nor paper required
    • Teleport to spawn
    • 30 minutes cool down
    • Useful when you are stuck in somewhere

Server features

Premium player verification

Everybody has their own right.

Nobody likes to be faked or to see somebody is doing something bad using their own name.

The verification mechanism inside the game is very complete.

However, not everyone owns a Minecraft premium account.

Thus, a compromising solution is needed.

  • Solution details
    • Target members
      • Legitimate premium owner
      • Non-legitimate player who uses premium name
    • Ignores non-premium accounts
    • If verification is failed, then
      • member will not be able to login to game server
      • request him to delete his WTAKO account along with his personal information
  • Very fast
    • An online webpage
    • Requires only skin change
    • Fully automated

Online customer services

We do have an online communicating system which tracks the status of every messages.

  • Role application
  • Contact administrators
  • Complaint

Integrated systems

Some web systems are well-integrated into the game.

  • Online faction management
    • Display faction's information
      • Power
      • Owned lands count
      • Members count
      • Member list
    • Faction's introduction
      • Will show to everyone
      • Will be edited by leader
    • Join / Leave faction immediately
      • You can join open factions
      • Leaders are not allowed to leave online
  • Online Gashapon
    • Spend some money in it
      • Get the biggest prize
      • Get the best RPG weapon as prize
      • Get a lot of cash prize
  • Online give-away
    • Play the game everyday to redeem prizes

Cloud backup system

We create a local Minecraft server backup every few hours, then we create a full system backup at 4AM.

The backups will be pushed into a cloud storage system whenever a new full system backup is made, and they will be stored for 30 days.

We are professionals.

That's why it's immensely hard for you to find a similar Minecraft server in Hong Kong.

We devoted our time and coffee (not really) to this website and Minecraft plugins, just wanted to ensure that everything including your happiness runs properly.

Click me to see Saren's work on Minecraft plugins.

Original plugins

Some of our Minecraft plugins are open-source, and the licenses are very permissive too.

Join us now!

Server address: wtako.net:6000

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